For 19 years, we’ve been honing our expertise to be the best in the world, rapidly testing ideas, iterating, and doubling down on performance,

Our journey of experimentation has shaped our ability to innovate and excel. Today, we’re focused on taking on the giants in three key sectors: Sports Betting, Personal Finance and Gaming.

Our story is one of evolution and ambition, always aiming to be #1 in the world’s most competitive comparison markets.

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Maximising the value of every click, swipe, and tap

Part of the method behind the magic at Legend is how we use our technology partnerships to collect deep insights into user behaviour – using them to fuel rapid iterations and continuous improvements in performance.

We give our teams access to the best possible tools and technology so that we can deeply understand the markets in which we operate, allowing us to actively engage at every single user touchpoint and maximise the value of every user interaction.

Scaling Beyond the Competition

Leading the way in markets with more than 1 billion potential customers

Our Star Brands are able to provide value like no other because we are laser focused on one thing: delivering legendary online journeys.

This approach lets us cut through complexity and create unparalleled experiences for our users and partners at every touchpoint – through clear, data-driven product comparisons, smart advice, and innovative online tools across Gaming, Sports Betting, and Personal Finance.

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Cutting a slice of the $5.2T personal finance market

Our Star Brands in personal finance have been helping more than 24 million users make smarter financial choices since 2017.

Through thousands of meticulously crafted advice articles and financial product comparisons, powerful proprietary technologies, tools, and patents, users are confident that every click they make unlocks a wealth of unparalleled financial knowledge and value.

  • Affiliate monetisation platforms

  • Ad campaign management

  • Multi-tenant front-end web apps

  • CMS and feed management

  • Business intelligence suites

  • Customer insight platform

  • Ad campaign management

  • Prebid header bidding wrapper

Building industry leading tools that enable growth.

    It’s in our DNA


Dominating the $35B Gaming Market: A Story of Innovation and Engagement

Since 2004, we’ve been transforming the Online Gaming landscape, engaging over half a billion players and firmly cementing our position as the leading online media company in Gaming.

Our portfolio of Star Brands boasts interactive tools, free games and comprehensive reviews, showcasing our commitment to innovation and superior user experience.

With platforms, driven by advanced proprietary technology, offering personalised, secure, and deeply engaging gaming experiences, we’re consistently raising the bar in the industry.

  • Dynamic Community Networks

  • Advanced Comparison Tools

  • Review Aggregator Engine

  • Cross-platform component sharing

Innovation in Gaming

    Since 2004

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A Key Player in the $45 Billion Sports Betting Market

Standing at the forefront of the Online Sports Betting industry in North America, Europe, and LATAM. Our Star Brands, loaded with innovative tools and the richest sports statistics available, continually attract a vast, loyal audience.

Our online media platforms not only provide advanced betting resources but also host vibrant communities, making us a hub for sports betting enthusiasts worldwide. Our commitment to user engagement and data-driven insights makes us a leading choice for sports bettors wanting accurate and up to the minute insights.

  • Edge-Giving Bettor Tools

  • Unmatched Sports & Odds Data

  • Engaged Sports Communities

  • Innovative Sports Betting Gamification

  • Exclusive Publisher Widgets

  • Comprehensive Sports Data Feeds

  • Advanced Picks & Tipping Platforms

  • Dynamic Newsroom Services

Redefining the sports betting experience

    25 years of unparalleled service and community spirit


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