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At Legend, we work together to delight 105 million+ people all over the world with incredibly engaging online experiences.

If the idea of that makes the hair on your neck tingle, then we’d love to have you join our win-as-one crew – so you can kick off a career that’s the stuff of legends.


our unique culture

550+ people.
22 countries.
18 languages.
One spirit.

Imagine a company that’s designed for the best minds in product, technology and marketing.

A place where you get to work in some of the most cutting-edge areas of digital.

A culture guided by values, where you’re encouraged to be yourself and experience the new – knowledge, skills, challenges.

That’s what we’re building.

A company powered by values

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“Having worked at Legend nearly 18 months I can honestly say it was the best decision I made.”

“In my first week I got a great feel for the company culture and knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I never thought I’d finish on Friday and be so excited about coming in on Monday.

That special experience I had in week 1 continues week on week. I am surrounded by extremely talented individuals who are always willing to help and go that extra step. Having genuine flexibility to work the way that is best for you and being fully trusted in your abilities is a great feeling.

Trust me on this. When you join Legend, you won’t regret it!”

Industry leading benefits

When you give your all we give you all in return

We want to help you deliver the best work of your life. That’s why at Legend you not only get a generous salary, great benefits, and incredible perks, you also get the opportunity to work in different roles across our many Star Brands. So you can find a place that makes you happy – and fits your skillset.

  • Generous time off

    You get industry leading days of leave based on where you live. And your birthday off. And Christmas to New Year’s off. And time off for huge life events. And a paid sabbatical when you achieve certain milestones with us.

  • Financial incentives

    When you bring your best work, you should be rewarded for it. Here you’ll enjoy an annual bonus, long-term incentive plan, a referral scheme, and additional surprises and bonuses along the way.

  • Growth and development

    To get where you want to be in your career, you need a map. We’ll help you chart yours with a dedicated yearly learning budget, customised training sessions, and career chats.

  • Get togethers

    From our annual company retreat to seasonal spotlight week and regular socials, we bring you and your whole team – and often the whole company – together to celebrate our shared successes.

  • Flexible working

    You’ve been hired to be at the top of your game. Where you do that is up to you – home, office, or any place that sparks your creativity – is entirely up to you.

  • Collaborative events

    Get involved in fun hackathons and spotlight weeks designed to foster collaborative innovation. Here, your ideas and expertise converge with those of your colleagues, sparking breakthroughs and forging new paths.


“This is your chance to be a part of something impactful and to have a career that aligns with your values.”

“What truly sets Legend apart is its culture and the extraordinary people who comprise it. It sounds cliché, but it’s the absolute truth.

Over my nine-year journey here, I’ve come to appreciate the incredible opportunities Legend has provided and I have immense pride in our collective achievements.

Legend is the perfect place for you to work if you appreciate being surrounded by good people, thriving in a positive culture, and championing the “win as one” philosophy.”

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Incredible growth starts with incredible values.

We know how to have fun. But our values are our lifeblood, creating a workplace where every day is meaningful, impactful, and exciting.

About 6


  • Passionate
  • Inspirational
  • Joyful
  • Empowering

We use our deep inner passions to spread joy and kindness and fuel ambition in ourselves and for others.

About 4


  • Collaborative
  • United
  • Successful
  • Helpful

We’re all hands on deck, working together to beat the odds, achieve thrilling goals, and celebrate success.

About 3


  • Innovative
  • Trailblazing
  • Pioneering
  • Visionary

We’ve been trailblazers from day one, continuously innovating to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Building the Future: Legend's Journey of Innovation & Global Leadership in Tech and Media 4


  • Excellence
  • Agile
  • Proud
  • Quality

We deliver world-class work that we’re all proud of, iterating swiftly to build truly epic online experiences.

About 5


  • Competitive
  • Driven
  • Informed
  • Proactive

We’re driven by our collective ambition, and our competitive spirit encourages us to proactively push to be #1



“I feel like a highly valued member of a highly valued team – giving critical input into transformative projects.”

“The move to Legend was also a pivot to a new industry for me, so it took a few days to get up to speed with both the sector and the cadence of work.

It’s not every day that you find an organisation with great work culture, but that culture can only ever be as strong as the contribution from individual team members. It’s for this reason that Legend puts such an emphasis on recruiting not only technical high-performers, but also those who are an excellent fit with their values.

By the end of my first week, the quality of work and the culture had convinced me that I had made the right move.”

From our team

The top 10 reasons to become a Legend

  • 1

    Innovative Culture

    Push Boundaries Daily

    Careers V2 11

    Dive into an environment that champions forward-thinking and creativity. Our commitment to innovation ensures you’re always on the cutting edge, turning challenges into opportunities and ideas into reality.

  • 2

    Growth Opportunities

    Skyrocket Your Career

    Careers - Redo 10

    We understand the importance of professional growth. With a plethora of development opportunities, workshops, and training sessions, we're dedicated to helping you reach your full potential.

  • 3

    Diverse Team

    A Blend of Global Perspectives

    Careers - Redo 5

    Join a global family that celebrates diversity. Working with us means coming together with brilliant minds from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, ensuring a rich tapestry of ideas.

  • 4

    Impactful Work

    Make a Real Difference

    Careers V2 6

    Here, your contributions matter. Every project, every task, brings tangible change, ensuring that your efforts directly translate into progress and impact.

  • 5

    Cutting-Edge Tools

    Best in Tech Resources

    Careers V2 7

    Empower yourself with state-of-the-art technology and tools. We believe in equipping our team with the best, ensuring efficiency, innovation, and excellence in all endeavours.

  • 6

    Harmony vs Balance

    Thrive Both On & Off Work

    Careers V2 12

    We prioritise your well-being. Enjoy flexible hours, remote working options, and an understanding that personal time is just as valuable as professional time.

  • 7

    Supportive Environment

    Where Both Your Ideas and Well-being Flourish

    Home - Redo 5

    Step into a nurturing ecosystem where your ideas are valued, and your well-being is paramount. Our supportive community ensures everyone feels heard, respected, and cherished.

  • 8

    Engaging Projects

    A Universe of Varied Projects to Ignite Your Passion

    Careers V2 8

    With us, monotony is a myth. Dive into a plethora of diverse projects that keep you engaged, challenged, and always eager for the next adventure.

  • 9

    Competitive Compensation

    Rewarding Excellence

    Careers - Redo 9

    We recognise and reward talent. Enjoy a competitive salary, attractive bonuses, and benefits that truly appreciate the hard work and expertise you bring to the table.

  • 10

    Continuous Learning

    Expand Your Horizons with Learning Opportunities

    Careers V2 9

    We believe that learning is a lifelong journey. Benefit from our myriad of learning resources, workshops, and mentorship programs to acquire new knowledge, hone skills, and evolve both personally as well as professionally.

Why you'll love our culture

An incredible journey awaits if you have an inner Legend

  • Home 46

    If we aren’t winning together, we don’t win at all.

    We're a team of people who win together. Our best work is done when we've all had a hand in the process. Every Legend brings value

  • Building the Future: Legend's Journey of Innovation & Global Leadership in Tech and Media 4

    We’re always in search of better. Determined to evolve and never sit still.

    We're always searching for better – there's a magic to what we can achieve when the only constant is a commitment to improvement.

  • Home 39

    With legendary energy, unmatched spirit meets unrivalled ability.

    We have an energy the lives up to our name. Our people combine brilliant expertise with kindness, compassion, drive and fun.

Why you wouldn't love our culture

But we're definitely not right for everybody

  • Home 26

    If you’re a brilliant jerk we're unlikely to be a good fit.

    Respect and teamwork are as vital to us as individual brilliance. If you prioritise personal glory over team success, our collaborative culture might not suit you.

  • Home 27

    If you’re allergic to change, challenge and the pursuit of the best.

    Our environment thrives on change and challenges, valuing continuous improvement. If a static, predictable routine is more your style, our dynamic culture may be overwhelming.

  • Home 28

    If you believe culture and high performance are mutually exclusive.

    We believe a strong culture underpins high performance. If you see these as separate entities, our values that blend excellence with a supportive culture might not align to yours.


“You could go for a normal job. Or you can become a legend.”

“The flexibility here is the best as I’m often traveling. And the accountability culture in our leadership resonates a lot. Every team member sees themselves and their actions reflected in business priorities and we are all singing the same song in our growth trajectory.

During my progression with Legend, working across multiple brands was the key to finding the perfect fit for who I am and what the business needs. You don’t have that opportunity in most companies out there.

Sure, you could go for a normal job. Or you can become a legend. So take my advice and join us.”

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Want to learn more about kicking off or advancing a career at Legend? Regardless of open roles, we’re always looking for exceptional people who want to be part of a world-class team.

If that sounds like you let’s connect to explore the celebrated journeys we can create – and go on – together.


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