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At Legend, we spark the growth and amplify the impact of every partner we work with, ensuring their brands can shine bright and reaps generous rewards – even in the world’s most competitive markets.

Imagine tens of millions of highly-qualified customers visiting the hottest spots on the internet each month, all with a chance to see your brand front and centre. That’s what we offer to our growth partners.

But this is so much more than a numbers game. At the heart of every experience has to be quality. It has to delight to deliver. That’s where our super powers truly lie.

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One premium growth portfolio.

From Gaming to Sports Betting, Personal Finance, and beyond, at Legend we build out-of-this world online brands that delight 105+ million users all over the world. This is because they all deliver the one thing that everybody craves: legendary online experiences.

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Growing together

Our flexible approach to partnerships has proven growth across thousands of brands

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High performance + high quality = high growth

Both quantity and quality of users count. We make sure to channel highly-qualified, high-intent users who are well-informed, and eager and excited to go on engaging, legendary journeys with our partners.

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Cross-functional collaboration

We're not in it for quick wins; we’re here for the long haul: the best results come from a deep understanding of your needs. Behind the scenes, we prioritise personal relationships that go beyond transactions. That’s how we'll conquer new territories and reach new heights together.

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Deep market knowledge

Tapping into our wealth of knowledge and cultural understanding of international markets lets us reach new global audiences and continually expand your growth, absolutely anywhere you want to go. We've got the scale and expertise to meet your evolving needs across the worl

Let's go interstellar together

Our approach to growth is like our approach to everything. It has to be done in the right spirit. With shared passions, values and quality at the heart of every decision. But when the fit is right – when our strategies, cultures align – then we can strap ourselves in for a thrilling growth ride.

Achieving success together

How more than 2150 partners achieved growth with us


    Building the foundations

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    Working together we'll define on your strategic goals, draw up a market map, and chart a course for your growth. We’ll get to know you – and you, us. As a team, we’ll align our capabilities with your ultimate vision, getting us ready for launch.


    All systems go

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    We set up everything to run as planned and get guiding instruments into place to help measure and analyse your success. If you want to change course, build on your ambitions or need assistance from mission control, we’re ready. It’s all about exploring where we can go together.


    Going above and beyond

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    With data and analytics at the core of how we work, we’ll review our progress together and see just how far we can take things. We continually optimise for performance and will work with you to ensure that we both get the best results. At this point, you can have as little or as much involvement as you like. Take control or hit auto-pilot and admire the view.


Want to learn more about partnering with Legend and achieving the next level of growth? Let’s connect and explore the winning journeys we can create – and go on – together.


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