Star brands. Incredible people.

Creating the world’s #1 portfolio of star brands, powered by remarkable tech and media achievements across Gaming, Sports, and Personal Finance.

All made possible by our incredible people, who push the boundaries of what’s possible to craft and deliver exhilarating online journeys for 105+ million people all over the world.

Leading Innovation in Every Arena

A Portfolio of 150+ Brands across 3 Dynamic Verticals

Standing at the forefront of progress in three exhilarating industries: Sports, Money, and Gaming. Our expansive portfolio encompasses over 150 distinctive brands, each designed to meet and exceed the evolving demands of our diverse global audience.

Driven by a commitment to excellence and a deeply competitive spirit, we blend creativity with strategy to cultivate experiences that resonate.

From the adrenaline fuelled world of sports to the ever evolving realms of finance and gaming, we are not just participating; we’re setting new standards.

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From crafting and growing winning brands the world admires, to guiding people through informative, thrilling, and deeply rewarding online journeys. We build online experiences that are truly exceptional – in every sense of the word.

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Playing to Win

At Legend, we’re architects of impact – allowing millions of people around the world to spend more time doing the things they love online.

But we don’t sit still. We adapt, innovate, uncovering new ways to drive growth with incredible energy and precision. After all, our team, our partners, and our users are all playing to win.

And we want the world to know that just like our name, we are passionate about building and defining what legendary means for online experiences.

our story

The legend of Legend

  • 2004

    Where it all began

    We started out in a single bedroom and with a tiny team. We had a clear vision, a dynamic strategy, and tons of energy to get the ball rolling.

  • 2008

    Starting to grow

    What we were doing was working – extremely well. And we set out to grow our team with those who share our spirit and drive for success.

  • 2010

    Preparing for lift-off

    Laser-focused on trends and data, we uncovered incredible opportunities where we could win. So we buckled up and grabbed the bull by the horns.

  • 2014

    Amplifying success

    We doubled our resources to continue fueling our success, but stayed agile and light on our feet to achieve heavyweight results.

  • 2019/2020

    Embracing new frontiers

    The time had come to expand, and we found new global markets in sports betting and personal finance. Our portfolio of Star Brands was growing.

  • Today

    Star Brands on the rise

    Our Star Brand portfolio achieves incredible success, powered by the beautiful design, insightful strategies, and innovative tech solutions of the exceptional people who work here.

  • Tomorrow

    The sky’s the limit

    There is no upper limit to performance – we will never stop learning and growing and will continue to deliver what our team, clients, and users love.

Strategic Agility Through Seasonal Planning

Our seasonal flow

We align our business cycle with the seasons, seamlessly transitioning from Winter to Spring, Summer to Autumn. This approach streamlines our operations, enhancing efficiency and ensuring continuous momentum in our projects and initiatives.

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  • Winter: 1 Dec - 28 Feb

    Start of the new financial year

  • Spring: 1 Mar - 31 May

    Performance check-ins

  • Summer: 1 Jun - 31 Aug

    Company conference

  • Autumn: 1 Sep - 31 Nov

    Year end performance check-ins

Our Locations

550+ Legends, across
22 countries and
6 exceptional global hubs

We hire the best talent globally, unbound by location – enhancing our team’s diversity and expertise. Recognising the importance of face-to-face interaction, we provide world-class facilities at our six global offices.

These hubs foster creativity and collaboration, ensuring that our team, wherever they are, can contribute to creating exceptional experiences in a nurturing environment. This approach allows us to blend global talent with effective teamwork, driving both employee growth and business success.


Meet who you’ll be working with

At Legend, you’ll get to work with true industry leaders – each an expert in their own field.

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Shaping Unforgettable User Experiences
Our Content teams create captivating, original content that elevates user experiences. Their innovative approach drives our dynamic growth, turning fresh ideas into engaging realities.
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Fostering Collaborative Excellence
Our Delivery team is the cornerstone of Legend, mastering the art of agile and lean practices for exceptional project delivery. We thrive on teamwork and scalability, involving everyone in the journey from taking ambitious concepts to completion.
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Engineering Impactful Solutions
Our Tech teams blend diversity and collaboration to create reliable, user-focused products. With a remote-first approach, we empower our teams to innovate, balancing new and established tech for impactful solutions.
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Driving Growth Through Experimentation
Our Experimentation team thrives on a test-and-learn approach, using world-class tools to continually refine user experiences. Each experiment, success or failure, is a step towards innovative solutions in new markets.
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Optimising Experiences with Data Insight
Our Analytics team enhances user interactions by delivering precisely timed content. Embracing growth and new technologies like AI, we deeply influence our business's direction and future innovations.
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Powering Business with Precision
Our Finance team, like superheroes, is at the forefront of refining datasets and driving new strategies. Accountants here are key decision-makers, fostering business change and constantly advancing their skills.
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Navigating Success with Compliance
Our Legal team, the go-to experts in the cinematic world of law, ensures our business always aligns with legal standards. We adeptly manage strategic planning and adapt to the evolving landscapes of business, regulation, and technology.
Building the Future: Legend's Journey of Innovation & Global Leadership in Tech and Media 5
The Heartbeat of Legend
Our Operations team is key to Legend's vibrant environment, ensuring everyone can bring their full selves to work. We balance maintaining our rapid growth with a people-first approach.
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Nurturing Talent, Cultivating Belonging
Our People team are experts at nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment, empowering every individual to achieve their potential. We're committed to personal and professional growth, ensuring our unique culture thrives alongside our ambitious expansion.

Our Purpose Manifesto

We exist to build legendary experiences

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Growing winning brands that people love, together.

Whether it’s our amplified career paths or supercharged online journeys, we don’t sit still. We deliver magic rooted in method.

Together, we’re quietly building #1 products that make noise in the most competitive comparison markets in the world. Gaming. Sports Betting. Personal Finance.

Playing to win for our users and partners.

We adapt, we innovate, and we bring an unmistakable energy to the table. We’re the trailblazers building the future for hundreds of brands.

As architects of impact, we allow millions of people to spend more time doing the things they love.

Because the world doesn’t remember the ordinary.

It remembers Legendary.


Want to learn more about becoming a brand partner or about joining our team?

Let’s connect and explore the incredible journeys we can create – and go on – together.


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