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Explore Game-Changing Brands

Discover some of our Star Brands leading the way in the world’s most competitive markets. – Changing the Game

Unrivalled sports data and insights

Getting access to the latest and most accurate sports data is mission-critical for keen sports fans, but surfacing that data felt like mission impossible.

One of the most popular sports community in North America, Covers delivers unrivalled sports betting intelligence through innovative tools, and as a result, is helping define the future of sports betting. – REVOLUTIONISING PERSONAL FINANCE

Smarter financial tools and advice

The internet is a melting pot of personal finance information and users have been locked in a struggle to filter out the bad advice from the good.

Through powerful proprietary technology, tools, and patents, our trustworthy Star Brand MoneyWise has been helping people gain financial empowerment since 2017.

Casino Meta – Driving innovation in Gaming

Redefining search for Gaming

Finding accurate, reliable information about online casinos has long been a sore spot for passionate gamers.

And that’s exactly what we set out to fix with CasinoMeta: a groundbreaking aggregator engine that empowers players with detailed, up-to-date, verified online casino information, allowing users to navigate through the online casino space – confidently.

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Our 2024 Strategy

As we embark on a pivotal year, our 2024 strategy is poised to solidify our position as a frontrunner in the industry. This year marks a significant expansion and enhancement in four strategic areas:

North America 

We will continue making strides within the US, Ontario and Rest of Canada where existing brands will be joined by new acquisitions. 

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Global Expansion

We will extend our Legendary global footprint by:

  • Launching two new gaming network network
  • Dominating 14 new ROW markets
  • Conquering LATAM
  • Entering the Crypto sub-vertical
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    Revenue Channel Expansion

    We will elevate revenue diversification efforts through new business initiatives, ensuring we have a more robust and sustainable business with more growth opportunities.

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    Powerful Engine

    Across the business, professionalise and improve key capabilities – from data accuracy, tracking, reporting and utilising into delivery, priority setting, production and hiring. 

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